A Brief Introduction

A little about me and what I have done
“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”  ― Ernest Hemingway

    I’m not sure I want to bleed for my art like Ernest Hemingway above but I will always come close for client, to help you get what you want. Writing is a passion which has been built on a child’s imagination and absorbed into the man I am today.

    After 16 years of working in many different industries, Retail, Hospitality, Construction and Financial (public and private sectors) I decided to use the knowledge I have gained and combine it with my love of writing. 

       I believe that writing is an art form; it is not just a way for one person to tell another a piece of random, jargon filled information. It is a way to express your idea to a wider audience, whether a note in a loved one’s card or a song.

   Writing and words are a portal into the thoughts of others, because that is all you need to start something moving, one single thought.


    Therefore, I am here for you, the client, whether individuals or businesses, by working together we can give people that thought that moves them closer to your business, charity or group. But you need to grow your potential audience. Most people will search for you on social media and your website before contacting you or coming to your bricks and mortar store, and it can take them three seconds to decide this.  You need the right content to make people choose you.

       I personally found out by working with online music reviews site Genius Babble Music how much of a valuable tool applications such as Facebook are for a business, not just for promotion but to interact with people in this new online social age. And with the right know how this can boost the audience you want and point them to your products and services.


    I am trained in IT to a high level and have experience in SEO and Social Media, with a specialised field of Facebook and Instagram.