All About Me

This is all about me

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This all about me, but only a bit about me, well, it is ever so slightly about me

I have written so many About Me’s over the years, for websites and also bios on other peoples websites. So you would think I would now be so apt at this that this would be the best About Me you have ever laid your eyes on. Of course this will not be the case and if you have even got this far well done.

I am a writer based in the South East of England and work a 9 to 5 job the rest of the time, sat in an office looking at numbers and dealing with the corporate world that we live in. So I do not make money writing blogs nor do I have thousands of Instagram followers that makes me money that I flash about going to the Maldives and rubbing that down your throat in my Insta Stories. So you won’t get any of that, I try to keep my writing (blogs anyway) down to earth and true to real life.

I am currently working on book number 1 and also have two other projects evolving in notes books, I went and became a freelance copywriter for a year so this all took a back burner but have closed this down now and 2019 will be my year (in theory).

My other loves are Fashion and Photography (more so imagery) so my blogs go around these and will involve film and music or anything else I feel I think other like minded people or followers will be happy to read about,

I am not going to give you any more detail at this time and sure you will have had enough of this about me already.

Thanks for getting this far.



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