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All your copywriting needs in one place, from documents to advertising campaigns, small and large jobs all taken.
Such as product descriptions, articles, blog posts and letters. 
With 16 Years of combined experience in Retail, Hospitality, Construction and Finance from Public and Private sectors I can help with many industries.
Quote given up front which just makes everything easy to understand.

£ 15/ph.
    Meetings held by Phone, Skype or in Person
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Social Media Management

Every business and individual has some form of social media network, whether Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter being the big names online. The management of this and making your posts interesting and regular is a big chore. So why not alleviate this by allowing myself to regulate this for you? All posts are tailor made for your company or organisation
Various bands of input available depending on amount of sites used and posting regularity. 
From - £ 45/pcm.
    Packages 100% tailored for your needs
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Website Copy

Along with Social Media, you also need a main web presence. No matter who you are or what you do a website is where most people will find you.
You need the great words that draw in your customer or audience and for search engines to see you.
Rather than spend the time and effort completing all this yourself, why not let me do it for you? So you can get on running your business.  Basic website design and full content creation in one place.
With knowledge SEO you are in the right hands.
£ 15/ph.
    Proofs and contents all done via Shared Google Drive
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