The Journal by TWC is exactly that, a Journal of a life, of sorts, a collection of articles written and curated by Thomas W Coombs esq. About topics that many of us love and enjoy. From fashion to cocktails, from travel to wine and some of the simple things in life in between, like literature, photography and film.

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Issue 3; Chaps Male Grooming, Canterbury - The Review

by T W Coombs

The Review, a series of reviews showcasing the places to go and the things to do in and around Faversham, leave your comments at the bottom if you wish.

Everyone is looking for something different, a thing to experience, and for once we are not looking to the future and technology we are looking to the past and some just to the present, the here and now.

One thing that every man should experience at least once is a cut throat shave at a barbers.  These days it is called a traditional shave, but it was just a shave, you are just not doing it yourself at home quickly before you head off to work covered in cuts.  It entails different sections and is relaxing and is certainly a treat, but one that won't break your bank.  The question you have to make sure you get right is where to go? Don’t just rock up at a barbers and get one, you really need to know that they are well skilled, as they are holding a very sharp blade to your throat, so choose wisely.

Issue 3; The TV Evolution - Creating Zombies

By T W Coombs

Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad are just three of the huge television shows that have come out over the last few years or so. They have swept across many nations leaving bewildered television watchers behind, but yet more is to come from Games of Thrones and new shows are coming all the time.  Now this would not have caused such an issue ten years ago but we don’t live in a world of once a week programming we live in the new era of television, it has evolved into a much bigger beast.  With the mass marketing of Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime and others, we may be creating what we fear the most, our own Zombie apocalypse.

Issue 3; New Year, New You

By T W Coombs

Welcome to 2016 you lovely lot, let begin with how New Year always begins.

We have over indulged, sang Auld Lang Syne, kissed a couple of strangers and have what for many is the worst hangover in all of time, well, until next year and we sit and think we should now work to improve ourselves.