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Issue 46; Editorial, 1st September 2022

I am not sure where 2022 has gone, I thought about issue 46 and the next thing I knew we had gone past publishing date by two months, bit of luck there are no publishers screaming down the necks of Editors here.  But what did happen in 2022.

The summer has been and still is the hottest one on record and we are still spending some sweaty time in home offices but we have more importantly been able to do things. Go on holidays, lay in the sun, taste wine and also spend quality time with friends and families, all washed down with many Negronis.

But summer isn’t over yet and there is still time to dress the part and still keep cool, so here is a bit of a late summer issue for you all, with some little delights from the catalogue of summer writing. We have Watches, White and Wonderful Photos all wrapped up into the issue along with a small look at the world of watches.


Issue 46; What is in a Watch?

I have what is affectionately named a poor men's watch collection, consisting of your watches in the few hundred price range, there are no vintage makes and only a couple of higher ends but in your Raymond Weil spectrum, no Pateks here.

Issue 46; The Rough Lapel: White Trouser Cometh

Summer is coming to a close soon, the summer has been hot but typical of the English kind, with hot sunny days forgotten by a few days of rain and storms that we all remember thinking that summer is over and was short.  The time in between showers gives us some beautiful days of sun and dressing for the sun, especially in the high thirties which have become the norm.  Enter the white trouser.

Issue 46; 40 in Flip Flops

We have all seen those nobbled feet sticking out the bottom of some sandal, croc or flip flop in recent weeks.  Feet that have been cooped up like a battery hen in a warm moist cell and are suddenly given light and air for the first time in nine months.  Some things are just better left to the darkness.

Issue 46; Me & My Camera

Photography is many things to many people, art for sure, a skill, most definitely, a window into lives of people and places and from pasts. From celebrities to average folk living out their daily lives.  All captured on film or digital for memories to never be forgotten, however, has photography got lost in a sea of food pictures?