The Journal by TWC is exactly that, a Journal of a life, of sorts, a collection of articles written and curated by Thomas W Coombs esq. About topics that many of us love and enjoy. From fashion to cocktails, from travel to wine and some of the simple things in life in between, like literature, photography and film.

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Issue 32; Seven Days of Time, Long Read

To get away from that standard of one watch life that I have found myself in of late, I began a simple project. To create a seven day photo journal of one man's humble watch collection, to showcase the use of some of the collection on a daily basis, which turned into a journey of self evaluation and questioning if my time is well spent.

Issue 32; The Rise of the Independent

Lock-down and isolation is taking its toll on us all, but also on big fashion brands.  US giant J.Crew has filed for bankruptcy along with a few other larger brands, the fashion world is reported to be the biggest hit and that as a whole it will be down more than forty percent of its key business.  Even though jobs will be lost which is never a good prospect, does this now push fast fashion to the side and open up the roads for smaller independent brands?

Issue 32; Trust Me, You Can Dance; Vol 7

This drink is one of the oldest in cocktail history and is fashioned simply, coming from the 1880’s this Whiskey based cocktail was lost in the folds of time until a certain Advertising executive began to order them, a lot.  So sit back and be like Don Draper and order yourself an Old Fashioned.

Issue 32; Take Me Back To.......Paris

We are all stuck, not just in our country or even our home towns but our houses.  I feel lucky just to head to the butchers on a Saturday afternoon, but this has made me miss the freedoms and places our world offers.  I began to note down places I want to visit, some for the first time, others again, not to reminisce over times gone by but to see and experience the things I didn’t the first time round or have never done.  And I am going to start with Paris as it holds a certain place in my heart.