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Issue 40; Editorial, 25th June 2021

I like sugar in my coffee, as if the large amount of caffeine is not enough I enjoy that bitter sweet smack to the face in the morning, early and late afternoon.  But for health freaks, I am cutting down, it may not look like it but I have, but it is as far as I am currently willing to go.  Coffee and sugar is what got me through this issue, along with the fact I can leave the house and see people and do things and feel a little less cramped up in my home.  Lovely feeling isn’t it. For those maybe still held hostage in your home, I feel for you.

A milestone has been reached, Issue 40 is here, forty whole issues full of my words, maybe I should get some other people to write occasionally, but my God like ego here is paramount to my meagre success. True, now people are not stuck at home and in their hordes taking over the outside world once again, it takes longer to get to the heights of the reader numbers than it did but our regulars are still here it seems and for this, I thank you.  And as I would like you to stick around, do not go back too far on issues, or do and see how good you have it now.

This issue (40 if I hadn’t mentioned it or you have not noticed the big 4-0) delves into the fact we are allowed out and the Sun is here with summer and warmer weather, that really does welcome the rake in many of us, sockless loafer anyone?  I write about smoking, where I smoke, drinking and of course on something to help with that ball of light we love so much.  Thanks again to you all and hope you enjoy this issue.  And if you haven’t already, please  sign up to the newsletter, where you will get an extra article by me, which I wrote in the bath.

Issue 40; Cubitts, They Are Not Square

Summer is here, fully here, we are basking in the Sun and getting a good Sun Burn (using language from Ian Fleming) plus I do not Tan in the modern sense so it is a better term.  Chinos have become a weekend staple along with boat shoes and my standard oxford shirts, just with an extra button undone and cuffed sleeves.

Issue 40; A Glass on the Square

Some readers who may have had the pleasure of my company know there is one joy that masters above all others.  Having a glass of wine on a hot day sat looking at the world going by on a square.

Issue 40; A Pleasure to Be Held

For years I wasted money on cigarettes, the horrid, stinking white sticks that have no purpose in life but to make you spend money and die younger.  But before you start with the Ex-Smoker hate, I understand the need, I understand the addiction but once the joy of the cigarette goes, if it was ever there at all, it is the time that you find something you actually like.

Issue 40; I'll Have A Large

What is a Magnum? If you want the simple answer, I can tell you it is one and a half litres of wine, or two standard bottles.  But this is not about science or math, it is about presence, it is about the look and why I see them as the future of all parties.