The Journal by TWC is exactly that, a Journal of a life, of sorts, a collection of articles written and curated by Thomas W Coombs esq. About topics that many of us love and enjoy. From fashion to cocktails, from travel to wine and some of the simple things in life in between, like literature, photography and film.

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Issue 34; The Love of the 4 Quarters, Long Read

The energy, the speed, the power, the music encouraging the crowds to get involved.  The atmosphere even when sitting in your armchair at home watching a fast paced fight for the upper hand.  The charge into the D, or the field goals racking up the points for the teams, the battle is relentless and it is very well sponsored.

Isseu 34; Some Things Should be Left Alone

At a certain time in your life you should realise that some fashions are not for you, mostly because you will eventually realise that even though you are into fashion you look silly, your inner youth is just that inner.  Fast fashion seems to not be totally going at this time which is a shame but leave this to the younger generation.  This is coming from someone not that old, so please trust me when I say “You are too old for that shit”.

Issue 34; Double Oh, 2

I continue my brief dive into the James Bond film series and discuss my thoughts on the films and sometimes controversially parts that I believe are bad and now so dated that it shows.  This time we get into the second outing for the worst secret spy in the spy world, From Russia With Love.

Issue 34; Trust Me, You Can Dance; Vol 9

The following cocktail is seen by many as breakfast, it’s savory world is the cocktail world's “Hair of the Dog”, to ease the fussiness from the previous nights over indulgence.  It has many different variants due to people's tastes and the concoction of this delight was born in Paris and named after a English monarch, even though some Americans think differently. Let's delve head first into the ‘Bloody Mary’.