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Issue 38; Editorial, 26th February 2021

I won’t lie this has been one of the hardest issues to put together.  With the endless lockdown and lack of life inspiration it comes to the current ways of life that fuel the mind and the creative thoughts.  Hopefully we will be getting back to some travel, drinks, dining out and overnight stays away from the walls of my own house sooner rather than later.

But even with the hells of life as we know it, shrinking our world to a small portion of the life we knew I still put together what I hope will be four good reads.  The type of reads that go well with a coffee or an after work Negroni or Martini, I talk Gin, Dressing like we used to, Wine, an obvious go to at the moment and finally my current reading material style of choice.

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Issue 38: Tonight's Opening

If you have the pleasure of following me on the social delight called Instagram you will see I enjoy posting the bottles I open under the heading of Tonight's Opening so here is the first instalment, with a selection from the last couple of months

Issue 38; Dressing for the Outside

I had grandparents who would regale us with tales of being able to leave their door unlocked back in days gone by, I feel that now I myself am in a situation when I am talking about the times when we used to get correctly dressed to go outside. Those were the days.

Issue 38; What Coffee Tables are For

The idea of a coffee table book is not a new one, people have been pilling these tombs onto their small legged tables for years. Changing them depending on the audience, the art books, the classic cars, that over-priced huge book of  French film from 1970 and that interior design of Manor houses. None of which the owners have ever read.

Issue 38; Romance of Gin

Loved by many, hated by many and commonly known as a mothers ruin, Gin has an odd history but for some reason it just lingers in our minds like a good cocktail does on the tongue.  A drink made with Junipers to flavour at its base, but so versatile that you can make so many different variants that you would be hard pressed to try them all.  We are a world who loves our alcohol but what is it with this one spirit that has us so fixated.