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Issue 41; Editorial, 26th August 2021

As I write the world seems to be mostly falling apart around me, countries taken over by the worst people, the climate hurtling towards the end and the never ending talk of Covid, the new C word no one likes to discuss, that is back to its old tricks of spreading like wildfire.  Oh and not to mention the wildfires across the USA.  Along with earthquakes and the endless appeals for help.  My thoughts are with them all, even if that does seem quite unhelpful as sure my general thoughts are not geared for such things.  This all doesn’t help when I am writing about the slightly finer things of life, but we all need our outlet if we can do it.

This issue, like most, was not planned, it just happened this way, Issue 41 is about things I like and dislike.  It is about feelings that follow when these events take place, it is one of the most personal issues, without it actually being personal.  In light of everything this seems apt really.

When reading this issue on fine food, great service, playing games and trivial aging, just remember this doesn’t mean I find everything else less important, like other entertainment and escapes I am here to do what I do and for you to read what you read.


Issue 41; Nobility This Way Cometh

I have become royalty in case you are wondering about the title, a princely crown has been lowered onto my head and my throne has been polished ready for my royal arse.

Issue 41; Luck of the Hand

The sound of shuffling cards, it is a noise that I love so much, the fresh pack flicking between a dealer's hand.  Shuffling cards is an art form, one I have spent hours trying to master like a professional.  Alas I am still trying.

Issue 41; The Service

The clatter and shake as I push the door open, the smell of fresh leather hitting my senses, the softness of the mat as I wipe my feet.  The rattle as I close the door behind me and look up to be greeted by the retail assistant with a smile and a good morning.

Issue 41; Hair by Design

By design I am not a hairy person.  I do not have a hairy body, no unsightly back hair, I am pretty much hair free, my chest may have some six or seven that I have been cultivating since my teens but have never taken root.