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Issue 35; Editorial

What a weird few months it has been for us all, so much so I had no idea what to write about, I couldn't find anyone else with a subject write about.  With all this time at home I am still vastly behind on the watch list of Netflix and Prime.  As the bars open I am limiting where I go and what I do and I have no holiday destination.  So what do we do?  We hold our tongues and await for a subject to pop up, for some slither of thought that we can jump on and then write words too, you also go bi-monthly, so every two months, so without a fail here is this issue.  I finish the cocktail, I carry on with Bond, I chat my love of Denim and I think of moving my feet.  Enjoy.

Issue 35; Appease the Nomadic Gene

We are by our own very human nature a nomadic race, we have by our own fruition made our lives very steady and still, like a moulded jelly with it’s little wobbles but always occupies the same space at the base.  Due to this inherent truth that we like to move around, travel has been in our lives for many years, growing in distance as technology allows us, with no care of the natural world which is another human trait and now this has come all so apparent.  The question I ask is should we become more nomadic but less travelled or more travelled?

Issue 35; Not Just For Cowboys

From Levi to Lee, from Nudie to Neuw, there are hundreds of brands making the classic denim jean.  They have gone through changes over the years, the fits, the styles, the colours but all have something in common, denim.  The denim jean has gone away since it was invented and recently with a simpler thought on fashion and the desire to keep away from fast fashion, it is only right to go

Issue 35; Trust Me, You Can Dance; Vol 10

With the long awaited opening of bars across the UK and elsewhere in Europe and further afield and the most famous Dukes Bar in London now open as of August let's finish this cocktail series with a summer delight for the finale.

Issue 35; Double Oh, 3

We have come to the third instalment of the spy franchise which is due to have it’s 25th film released this year.  Bond had finally hit the big time and the budget for this film was the total combination of the last two films, so the pockets were deeper.  Plus for me this is one of the most iconic Bond films in the franchise, with so many memorable moments, from painted ladies to whole lot of Pussy.