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Issue 36; Editorial 23rd October 2020

As we hurtle back into the coming darkness of lockdown but this time in winter,  it is only fair to walk with a selection of words that have nothing to do with this idea and follow some thoughts on a slightly more delightful note.  Make sure you get your coffee or Negroni depending on the time of day you are here (of course unless you are one who loves a Negroni with his eggs in the morning, I shan't judge) I give you the October/November issue.

In this issue, whilst I was reorganising my office space, moving books around, when it got me thinking of the escape that they and other writings can give.  But also some loss of Adventure, so this issue I delve into the loss of the adventure novel, whilst I read some Jules Verne.  I throw myself on the fire and possibly into the line of it as I continue my re-watch of Bond in the fourth instalment of my series.  I reawakened my taste buds to the drinking of Merlot, a grape I have a love hate relationship with but seems I have been slowly getting myself used to it for a while, without knowledge.  And this issue's Fashion article is a winter must and a great bit of Naval attire.

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Issue 36; Merlot

No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!” Miles Raymond.
If you are not acquainted with Miles you need to watch 2004’s delightful film Sideways.  Miles is played by the character actor Paul Giamatti.  But this is not about a film, it is about a wine, well a Grape, one that I do not like.  But I feel it is time to look away from my past and head in full stem ahead (mis-spelling intentional).

Issue 36; Winter, Naval Style

Winter is coming, a well known phrase and a term now used by a writer whose brain has not come up with a witty term of his own, so easier to delve into the lazy world of pop culture, or in this case, outdated pop culture of a few years back. With this term in mind and even though this popular wardrobe staple will not keep away snow, fictional or otherwise it will however protect you against the brutality of the British weather.

Issue 36; Double Oh, 4

I will continue my journey through Bond where I left off, so follow me through Bond to another Bond and Back again. To look back at the reason behind this series of articles was one of love, for a film franchise which has spanned 59 years next April.  But also to see what as an adult and self appointed film connoisseur I think of the now fifty plus year old films.  And here I find myself at the fourth film in the series, also known as the one I usually forget about.

Issue 36; Adventure Lost

Literature and books are an escape, a way to be part of something that would never happen, or a journey into the mind of someone, from a war hero to a serial killer or the detective who is after them.  It could be that you are following a spy on his adventures or smashing swords with creatures from another land.  But I have noticed that one thing is missing, maybe just from my list of books or new books I see in general, we have lost the discovery adventure novel.