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Issue 47; Time for Hats

There are a rare few occasions when I will be seen wearing a hat out and about in town or country.  When I’m in more sunny climates on holiday then a straw style trilby dons by head, which was purchased in the Dominican Republic many years back when I realised I hadn’t brought a suitable hat, of any kind.  It has on occasions been brought out when at home, with the scorching summers we have been having recently.  There is no better attire to sip a chilled Gavi watching the world go by.

Further head gear found in my wardrobe are a couple of caps, these are for one purpose and that is for going on walks and exercise.  I do not need to spend time doing my hair when I am just heading out early morning walking the dog or going for a run or hike.  They are handy under hoods when raining and for keeping sun from the eyes and head.  The classic trucker style cap is used for dog walks and trips to the local tap room.  Always a time and place to fit in gents.

Then for those cooler weather moments, a couple of beanies, again for true cold days and hiking and walks, and the baker boy hat, for a more higher end off duty style.  I have written about the baker boy hat before, but it is one that pulls from the classic styling of every man wearing a hat.  It looks great in the winter months.

You see, I own quite a variety of styles of hats, but they are rarely worn. Due to one fact, I think I look odd in hats.  It could be just me or the shape of my head making hats hard to pull off comfortably, I’m sure much of it is that I am being very self conscious and I just need to push through the self doubt of hat wearing.  And as the years go on and the obvious current thinning happening above without my prior knowledge or agreement with my hair directly, the hat is definitely becoming more a part of my future and any doubts will move over to keeping the head covered and comfortable.