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Issue 5; Has It Been This Long

by T W Coombs

May?! Bloody May! I have to be possibly the worst blogger known to man, woman and child.  Now I have been writing a lot, in fact I have been writing every other day.  Mostly music reviews and have just done the first draft of the first editorial for Genius Babble Music where I am Editor and Chief Reviewer.  I have been so busy with all this I have not had time to write anything else.  

But now the time has come to get on with it.  I have a ream of bits and bobs to write about, so will be working a long this over the next month and also will be off on a brief trip that I will be writing about.  Plus The Review, the articles which are reviews of places like restaurants etc is to expand and include books and films I believe are worth checking out.

I am currently being a huge cliche blogger and writer but sitting on a coffee shop getting more jittery with every mug.  I am in Jittermugs in Faversham, Kent.  It is a quaint little shop with a lot going on.  Coffee, beers, wine, and does Tapas in the evenings.  And like today (Sunday 11th of September) has Jazz in the garden with cocktails and a BBQ.  So this is not just a coffee shop, but their coffee is lovely.

One thing was I was working/attending the Faversham Hop Festival and yearly festival celebrating the Hop picking that was the main work in town and Londoners used to come down in their masses to pick them for the local brewery to create the beers the town is known for to this day.  So every year the town is filled with thousands of people, stalls, music and dancing and general celebrating.  It also brings some very rude people even though only a few, but you can’t have everything you want and was only a couple I put up with personally.  Some of the pictures taken by myself and my other half will soon be over on the photography tab.

You can go check out what else I have been up to over at for now and I will be back here with my usual words.  Starting with a spot of travel, then a little bit of fashion thought as apparently Autumn is around the corner,  he says in 23 degree heat.