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Issue 5; Lest We Forgot

By T W Coombs

Today is about remembrance of the fallen, the men and women who allow us to have the way of life we enjoy so much.

It is a shame that some of us use our freedom to spend time moaning about Brexit and money, who the President of the United States is, being racist to our fellow man and filling the world with more hate, which is the reason we have to remember these people in the first place, because of conflict created by greed and hate.  We can do this because of these people, who even to this day are still laying down their lives for us and putting themselves in harms way.

Without these people, who have sacrificed themselves this blog wouldn’t exist, nor would we be posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  They have allowed us to do as we like, to be ourselves, whether it is good or bad. I am not religious and me remembering is not about God it is about thanks to the hundreds and thousands of people who are dead so I can sit here today and write this short piece of thanks.

So on this day no matter your colour, creed, age, origin, orientation or location, we remember everyone who has died so you can live as you do.

Thank you.