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Issue 7; Vino (Faversham) – The Review

By T W Coombs

Open for approximately three months now and situated in the beautiful market place of Faversham, Kent is a wine shop with a twist.  Vino is owned by Fabio and David and run daily by Fabio who has brought some Mediterranean customs to the experience of buying and trying wine.

The front of the shop is small but nicely laid out and has a rustic but modern feel, with stools around the counter and a window bar so you can watch the world go by.  Out in the back room is where a nice selection of wine is stored for viewing, along with a couple of larger tables with more seating.
And why would you need stools and tables in a wine shop you ask? This is because there are daily tasters you can buy by the glass, the selection changes and there is always a few reds and whites on offer along with a rose and usually a bit of fizz, whether a Brut or Prosecco.  These range from £4.50 a glass and measured out as a 125ml measure.

If you are fancy a bottle of wine you can buy to take home from the large collection in the back room
or ask Fabio for his expertise to help get the wine you need, you may be going around some friends for dinner and inviting people over to drink with you, he will be able to get the perfect wine for you.  But for a £4 corkage fee you can you can then get a couple of glasses in store relax and drink the bottle in this amazing shop.  Bottles of wine start from your £14/15 a bottle depending what is in stock, so may be more for the starting price, this isn’t a supermarket nor is it a restaurant and you can tell the difference, it will taste much better than anything you can get for even £9 in a supermarket.

But there is more, this isn’t just it.

Vino also offers a great range of antipasti, if you fancy a bowl of olives, or nuts with your bottle or glass then fine.  But if you fancy more, then there is also the option to have a full selection of meats, cheese and bread which will be freshly put together on a board and will be catered for how many people are in your party.  And everything will compliment your wine nicely.

In the mornings, they also offer coffee and cannoli’s when they open the doors at 10am, usually after lunch coffee is not available as they are not a coffee shop but if you can get down to try one I for one believe they have some of nicest coffee in the town.

With so many micro pubs and cafes popping up these days it is nice to have something slightly different.  They also offer wine events as well a wine club so you can get discounts on 12 bottles or more.  So, go and check them out, their full website can be visited on this here link.

I have visited, let’s just say, a few times over the last few months and can highly recommend the venue and the wine and food on offer and have also taken a few pictures for them, but you won’t be disappointed.  And if you are not a wine person but your friends or other half is then fine, there is a choice of spirits on offer and craft beers (depends on availability) as well as a few soft drinks.

One thing I love is something I love about many European countries is a tab is run whilst you are there, you can pay as you go, but why bother, just relax and just settle the bill when you leave.

That is, if you leave.