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Issue 9; Sock it to me

By T W Coombs

The lovely people at Bamboo Clothing kindly sent me a pair of their socks from their Kingswear range to give them a whirl.  So I slipped them on and popped them into my everyday trainers and to show them off a little put with a turned up pair of jeans.  This is my normal daily work wear and these fitted in nicely to the look, the striped pattern is a little treat for the eyes and breaks up the mundane within an outfit.

Now it is a sock, how passionate about a sock can you get? So I checked out the blurb I was sent about these socks, made from, well, hopefully you have guessed it Bamboo.  They feel very soft to initial touch, and slip onto the foot nicely unlike some standard cotton and synthetic styles.  They are built with reinforced toe and heel sections and also something I only got in my gym gear, moisture wicking tech.

Bamboo Clothing states that “BAM socks wicks moisture away from your feet and don’t get smelly”,
that is a statement to use, it seems like a guarantee.  And to a point I guess this is correct, but I don’t want too much moisture pulled away from my feet as this will mean it would end up just in my shoe? I would rather a sock had that feet smell than my shoes or trainers.  It doesn’t explain the tech, but guess it must be to do with the Bamboo.  They are thin but at times I felt my feet felt sweatier tucked away than in my average London Sock Co. stash of in shoe gentlemen’s hosiery.  But they also never felt like they were overheating, they are supposed to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer, I have yet to find a sock that actually supports this in real life.

In all a nice little product, with a nice range in colours and styles this is definitely a company to check out, and the un-constructed tops to the sock, no large elasticated ridge here, gives it a nice modern feel.  It is hard to modernise a sock but the Bamboo Clothing Company have certainly done a good job on it.

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