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Issue 12; My Holiday Essentials

By T W Coombs esq.

As you read this you are probably waiting on your summer holiday to come around. You will have the boring things like sunscreen so you don't look like the classic Englishman abroad, swim shorts, a plug so you charge the bundles of tech we take with us and the kindle is loaded up with half the British library which you won’t read. You will also have your chinos, white t-shirts and espadrilles. But below are my must haves for this summer vacation.

Firstly is the watch, I carry three when I go on holiday so I am ready for all events whilst away. I'll have a dive watch, then a sports watch (I am one of them in the hotel gym) and then my Burei. It is a quartz movement with a rich brown alligator strap and retails for under £100. This chronograph looks great with your holiday look with its white face and shining silver case. It also goes with my second must, my tortoiseshell Polaroid sunglasses.

You got that right, the instant camera people make a mean lens and these polarised ones are perfect and safer on the eyes. They look great dressed up and down as long as there is a beige or brown item within your outfit. I do also take a pair of aviators so go with darker looks.

Also you need a great summer scent and Hugo Boss Tonic is a clean fresh scent that will take your holiday to the next level. I have been wearing Boss by Hugo Boss for years but this newer fresher scent is much better for those hotter climates. Plus if you get a bottle on your way to your destination you can save a nice little bit of money with duty free.

Then my final must is my latest copy of Esquire, and this brilliant cover made my photo pop (thanks for making this Instagram ready Esquire). Obviously you can take your favourite magazine but if you're reading this it is probably the same as mine, GQ or Gentlemen’s Journal .

These are my must haves but what are yours?