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Issue 13; The Truth of Dressing for Your Age

by T W Coombs esq.

Age, that horrid number that follows us around as children not allowing us to things, then follows us when we are older because we are now not allowed to do things.  But really age is a perception created by our own selves and our peers. So have taken a few minutes to look into what in fashion terms how to dress your age.

This is a question that gets asked a lot, it is like the holy grail of sartorial excellence, but I'm going to mix my knowledge of social science and fashion to screw the whole dynamic.  My answer to this question is simple, wear whatever the hell you like.

Before I start seeing 50 year old men in super skinny jeans and 20 year olds dressing like an extra from peaky blinders please finish the blog.  If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and you are wearing it with confidence then you are pulling it off nicely and you have your style. Remember when I say comfortable I mean like you do in your skin, not in actual comfort or we would all my wear pyjamas and lounge wear all the time.

If you are for example 40 and wearing what you did at 20 and you were a sister or grunge kid then you probably look like a reject from the 90’s but if you keep elements and upgrade and modernise with slimmer fitting jeans with skate shoes you are now cool dad, without trying to be cool at 40, plus you can tell my age as using the word 'cool’ not ironically just because I don't get what “it’s lit init fam” even means.

I am 37 and happily so, I have my look and I stick with it, only changing certain bits, yes I wear skinny jeans, but thankfully I can still pull them off, currently. But will I go super skinny? Probably not, I maybe could pull them off but would I feel comfortable? No, probably not meaning I wouldn't be comfortable and therefore not confident and it notices.

We will always laugh at what people wear, as humans we are judgemental arseholes, you know we are so don't try to deny it, but if you are confident, you won't care if a couple of people judge you from afar.

And most importantly you will feel comfortable and awesome with it.