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Issue 17; Modern Classic Twist, The Wallet

by T W Coombs esq.

I was a constant user of a card holder, I really don't carry cash with me in this world of touch cards and paying on your phone. But I did go back to a classic leather wallet when my small leather card holder broke due to use. But I find it so bulky, huge compartments for all that cash I don't carry, what a pointless waste but I like the leather, so how to have a classic leather style with a modern card holding power.  And I found it, on Amazon.

Made and sold under the banner company of ‘Nalitare’ and retails for the bargain price of £9.99, it is small and minimalist made from leather and aluminium with a small plastic cash holder. I got mine in coffee colour but comes in a range of colours when available.  

It holds 5 cards in the mechanism part and two in the clipped section along with a couple of notes. It is for carrying the minimal amount of wallet things.  Don't be that guy who gave this wallet 1 star as they couldn't fit much in it. It is a small card holder, I'm not sure what they didn't get about it, or what they wanted to fit in a wallet. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and have had no problems and works brilliantly, the small pulley at the bottom shoots the cards out staggered, not a new thing but works smoothly.

It has some nice styling and the leather with the aluminium looks really nice and professional and is well made.  It is not delicate but rough use will damage it as not a one piece solid wallet that can take a battering.

With skinnier fits in jeans and trouser this is a great addition for your wallet needs, a true classic look with a solid modern twist.