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Issue 17; All The Compartments, The Bag

by T W Coombs esq.

So many bags, you can end up with so many for work, for weekends, for on the go writing, for outdoor activities, for different work and casual outfits, the list goes on. So many different styles, from record bags to now the horrid shoulder bag which is just an old fanny pack or bum bag in the UK, but it comes to a point when you want to put everything in one place. Rocking the commute, in the office and up a large hill.  You need litres of space to sort all these, to carry all your needs. And I have found the one that is perfect for me.

Coming in at a mere £30 on Amazon, you can also get it  slightly cheaper as I did if a deal is on or a sale. I got one with the label IIBYC, there are a few with different makes that look very similar with tiny differences.  The reason for this is that it is obviously a mass produced product bought by different small brands, but it works for me and helps keep the price down.

It is well built and I have been using it for a few weeks for different things.  The reason I wanted one
was because of my recent work trips to London where I was carrying a laptop, overnight clothes and then pens etc for the course I was on.  A nightmare the first time where I had a backpack for my overnight and my record style work bag, a nightmare in rush hour. The next time I crammed it all in my Next backpack but lost a pen and struggled to get things out without flinging my boxer shorts across the room.  So a bag I could use for everything including when I got for treks at weekends.

It has three main compartments, at the back is for laptops and tablets along with space for documents.  Next up is the main compartment which has net pockets for charging wires for phones etc, along with cables that attached to the charging point and headphone point on the outside.  It allows me to attached my power pack inside and then connect up without having to carry the pack about or have the bag open. The headphone jack is pointless for me and many but it is there is needed.  This compartment is like the main compartment for clothes, gym gear, umbrellas etc. Great sized space.

Then the front section has compartments for pens, glasses case and other things, headphone cases etc. But goes down so you can add notebooks, kindles and alike. There is then a small pocket right on the front.  Then on the back is a hidden compartment which will be handy for travel to put money, passports, keys etc in it as against your back when walking about.  Then there is a little cash pocket on the left arm band so you have something right there. It is well thought out and holds a lot of things without looking ridiculously huge.

Great value and now lets me use this for work, travel and even hiking as had it with me on a recent 17 Kilometre trek around the Kent Saxon Shore.  No rubbing after hours of wear on the shoulders or back and no aching from using it. It states it is waterproof but have not been hit with rain when using it so I can’t say if it is or not.  From the lining I am sure it is to a point like most bags.

This one is not available at the moment but check it out a similar one here.