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Issue 16; White on White, Sole Set

By T W Coombs esq.

I have been looking at getting a pair of white trainers for sometime now, for well over a year and beyond they have become a staple of the casual and smart casual look.  Being worn with jeans to full suits, so it was truthfully about time I got involved. I tried a few years back to be fair but the choice of trainer and my early style just made me look, well, lets just say not good.

However I think my style has upgraded since I have been writing and jumping head first in the sartorial world of fashion, so the hunt began.  My budget is not huge and as I say often I rarely get free gifts I am not a full time fashion blogger I do other projects that allow me to do this.  So I wasn’t prepared to splash out on a pair of Common Projects, the most famous white trainer, coming in at £290 from Mr Porter. Right at the other end was badly fitting and looking shoes from various high street stores, which looked like canoes on my normal size 10 feet.  So I put the idea on the back burner and just kept a corner of my eye on the prowl in case some appeared.

Thankfully my wishes were granted when I finally set myself up on Thread, for that see my other article here where I give my thoughts on the store itself.  With my new store in the palm of hand, literally, as I was using my phone at the time, a pair of gleaming white shoes appeared in a style picked out by my Stylist and the stores algorithm from what I like.

They were by SoleSet and were simple, not bulky but not lacking in shape, so I took the plunge and ordered.  And I am so glad I did.

I am not one for completely box fresh look so spent the next week in them making sure they broke in nicely and the heavenly glow subsided a bit.  As we have hit Spring, even though at time of writing this, the wind and rain the smashing into the window, I am basically going with invisible socks, and was worried they may rub somewhere.  Thankfully they didn’t at all and are nicely padded so even after a day in the office and running around doing errands my feet were fine.

I can already feel they are the ones for me and hope they stick about so when I wear these to threads I can easily get a new pair.  And at £50 a pair, you might as well stock up.

These are available over on