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Issue 21; Booty Time of Year

written by @coombstw

Before you get the wrong end of the title this articles has nothing to do with arse in anyway, except maybe where the leather may have come from.  With winter coming the boot is at the forefront of footwear and with lots of styles floating around there is a huge choice. So I have picked four styles to help you make a choice.

To help with this article I have chosen five styles from Amazon, what! the random online store? Yes, but the brand is getting stronger in the fashion world with there own brands under the Amazon arm.

If you want something with a little bit of funk built in then these Brogue style boots are going to tick that box, with a gum rubber sole and leather upper with that classic brogue look, they could be dressed up and even in a more casual dark jeans way.

The only boot to be in the same league as the desert boot is the Chelsea and these light tan leather pair are a must have for winter.  They are always comfortable, work well with a suit and jeans and will take the battering of winter quite easily. The style has been around for years and is worn by queens, bankers and rock stars alike. So walk the royal way, Queen Victoria to be precise, on a daily basis like.

If you are more Lumberjack than Jack Lad about town then these padded walking boots are more up your street.  Extra padding at the ankle makes them more casual and comfortable when walking up hills or through the chilled tube system of London.  This style are made to keep you foot more comfortable than others for those long hours of hiking so popping to the shops makes these like your own safe cloud.  They will battle and win with any weather winter can throw at you and come out the other end looking slightly battered which is a nicely warn better style.

The fourth style which is the most versatile of this whole list is the chukka boot.  The Chukka comes in many styles and is close to the desert but is split by a heftier sole and an extra eye loop for the lace, making them sit slightly higher on the ankle.  These are 100% casual but like most styles these days can be dressed up to give you a street style.

Winter is full of booty and these are a top selection and at the price you can’t go wrong, so follow the links on the pictures and see what you think.