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Issue 25; What A Blinder

written by @coombstw

It is fair to say that I have not finished season five of the BBC hit and that I was late to the party only catching up this year. It is also fair to say that I am obsessed with the Peaky Blinders. And even though I am obviously nowhere near this lifestyle they certainly had style, which got me thinking. Even though easy to get wrong but the waistcoat and baker boy hat are a great winter style and are not just for the 1920's.

I have written about my baker boy hat before, I got it last year in John Lewis and at this point had not really got into the show that has inspired this come back look. You can read that delight of an article here, but I want to delve a little more into this style and want to give some advice on how to pull it off without looking like you are off to a fancy dress party. Sadly,  you will need to put the pocket watch away, I love them but is too much in our modern day.

It takes a little time to pull off the look in a modern way, don’t suddenly appear in a waistcoat, long coat and hat when your normally attire involves hoodies and t-shirts, it will be obvious.  Instead start smartening up. Shirts with button down collars are always a good look to do. Then add the waistcoat with some boots and jeans, then chuck the hat on a little bit later and you have just pulled off the look.  Always pair a baker boy with a similar material jacket. Don’t buy a modern look hat and a wool herringbone coat or jacket, will look odd. Vintage is best in the wool mix. Your waistcoat should always match exactly or contrast so is different, but keep it plain.  You are not looking to be a Peaky Blinder just pick a few bits from the look to wear now. And to be honest if we can bring the hat back to gentleman as a staple that isn’t a baseball cap then even better.

We do loose some style but vintage is in, it is walking down the catwalks next to fluorescent jackets.  Just think Barbour, Huntsman of Savile Row or even Hackett London all with their classic looks, some with modern twists.  Huntsman for one do some colourful baker boy hats. If you are in the US the hat is called a News Boy, obviously worn by different boys.

The look in all is a very vintage and works nicely with jeans or older style trousers, but not everyone can pull it off with the full suit, so just add these bits to your current wardrobe.  You don’t want to get into the comments of he has dressed like that guy off the telly. No one wants that mantle. Please just keep it subtle, like you always wear your hat in winter and have not just thought you could be Tommy Shelby that morning.

So done your coat, hat and waistcoat as an extra layer in the cold air, and if any questions you, just say you are wearing this by Order of T W Coombs F**cking Esquire.