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Issue 28; What I Have Been Up To............

written by @coombstw

After getting a couple of messages, not in demand, but general questions of am I still going to be posting blogs.  I decided to put a small update up to explain why I have been quiet this month and whether I will be back any time soon, so here it is............

For you crazy fools who read thse ramblings of a spacious mind on this here site, first, thank you very much, it is always nice to know I am not basically talking to myself in an online world.  Secondly, I will be posting more on the blog, I have not abandoned blogging just yet. You may though see some changes to the content and topics from the blog, spreading out to other areas with more interest in my life and letting loose my writing style.  I have never used this as an online log of my life and have always written about certain topics like Fashion for example. I have obviously missed something some may want or I should be doing, apparently years of practice just sometimes isn’t enough in certain things and happy to continue learning.

The truth is I am normally quiet in January.  I wasn’t going to post anything at all but the Pie article was not ready until later than expected so became a random January post.  I like to take the month off from writing blogs/articles and from recording any video, and taking a step back from my online life. 2020 maybe a little different, articles to go up in February will hopefully shed some light on this so giving no spoilers away, but some may be a little more about me.  I do plan on cracking on with my book projects so much of my time will be spent writing this rather than articles so the amount posted per week will fluctuate but hopefully will get one a week posted but extend them and hope this make then better quality. I will also be putting together season 3 of “Saturday Mornings with Tom” which is currently in brain-storming mode so watch out for more on this with hopefully a move on concept.

If you are a follower, reader or watcher then I will be back soon with new content with new topics.

See you soon.