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Issue 37; Thing of Beauty

Certain items have a function in our lives, they exist for the purpose of carrying out that function, a pair of shoes, an umbrella, a pen, a cigar lighter or even a wrist watch.  But these items, even though built to carry out their day to day task, can also hold some elegance, history or prestige within them and a simple beauty that many items do not.

A well made wooden umbrella can hold a hidden distinction, a refinement of the make, in your thoughts alone, the same can go for shoes and even a pen if not emblazoned with a logo even when a nice touch like the top of a Mont Blanc pen.  But watches hold a different air, no matter the make they hold an elegant beauty one that takes them away from the reason for their existence. They have taken on a mystery and prestige which sees them auctioned later in life for millions.  Whether you are a Casio classic digital display lover or into the IWC or Jaeger levels you understand what makes a watch tick and not just the complication within.

The Patek Philippe 6301P-001 Grand Complication, cased in platinum with solid and sapphire crystal backs you can interchange. The 18K gold dial plate and black enamel.  This manually wound watch has a display to show the power reserve, with a minute repeater with three gong chime. For watch people it holds a Caliber GS 36‑750 PS IRM movement.  It does it’s job with precise accuracy and tells the time if you keep it wound, and the price tag pays for the hours of it being built and machined.  But without thinking of price, or even its job, if you just look at it, what feelings does it bring forward in your mind. 
Is it one of being late, of office meetings or is it like mine, one of appreciation of the history and workmanship.  Just looking at the movement is a delight, the simple face of the timepiece has that elegance that items can bring when made in such a way.  Can I afford one? As it is price on request I would say not, I can barely afford the collection I have, but this is not about owning one it is just about a thing that when viewed is beautiful.

If you want a closer look head over to the Patek Philippe page and maybe request a price.