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Issue 43; Editorial, 31st December 2021

It is the final day of 2021, I am sure some may be happy to see it go and others will have some fond memories of the year or at least ones to grow on.  2021 was a good year for me. After the disaster of 2020 I finally got married, I spent time with Friends and Family and even though there was no big Christmas drink it was still a familiar holiday season which will all come together this evening.  So happy new year to you and yours.

So how do I finish the year off, how do I look back, how do I sign off on another journey around our life giving Sun, more than likely by drinking a little more than I should with friends. And like many years forgetting once midnight clicks over.

Looking back the year has felt a little bit better than the year before which is a relief even though it is still like time has moved slower than normal.  Less chaotic, less busy , a little bit more relaxed even with the constant inserting of swabs up our noses so we can have fun with friends and family, especially this last couple of weeks.  For me it has been a good year, even though I have missed seeing certain friends as often as I could, I shall endeavour to improve on this in 2022.  But I have managed to spend quality time with others and chilled out at home with my family.

So here is to a New Year of happiness and strength, see you all on the other side.