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Issue 46; Me & My Camera

Photography is many things to many people, art for sure, a skill, most definitely, a window into lives of people and places and from pasts. From celebrities to average folk living out their daily lives.  All captured on film or digital for memories to never be forgotten, however, has photography got lost in a sea of food pictures?

I picked up my camera once again, and not the one connected to my phone, I will leave that for the cocktail pictures or wine delights, but an actual camera which has one function, to take photos.

There is not a film in sight, a new nostalgia craze hitting us, but just a fifteen year old digital Coolpix camera. A camera with the functions you may need and also can be used as a point and shoot.  I had forgotten about it for years, only recently being used to entertain some children at my wedding and whilst looking at some terrible but also some not that bad pictures they had taken, I realised something, the quality was amazing.

I have read the reviews of phones, how many pixels the camera takes, how wonderful the image is, but then you compare it to what a purpose built camera does even ones so old you see they are left behind with your phone pointed at your selfie hungry face.  Cameras may capture less pixels, but the sensors it uses to capture them are far better than that fancy thing in your pocket you facetime your mum on.

Having realised how good some of these pictures were, they were by 7 to 11 year old children, I began to take it out when I went for hikes, walks, the stables with my wife and did what I realised I missed, taking photos, real photos with a small camera with true settings and the results were great.  I am no Greg Williams here, I see one thing with my eye but struggle to capture it, but the difference between pictures I have tried to take using a phone camera and my old Coolpix, using the same named setting has a clear difference.  The phone is convenient but the camera will always be king, so have a rummage in those draws and get snapping the results will look good on a wall and your Instagram feed.

From this small point and click I went further and picked up my wife's Nikon D series camera on a recent trip to Cornwall and the images just blew me away and even though I am no professional with it, I started to fall in love with photographs again.