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Issue 1; The Yard, Faversham - The Review

Goats Cheese Salad (with bacon)
by T W Coombs

Firstly I would like to just let you know this isn't an actual food review, I know I have dragged you in with false pretences and for this I am sorry.  This is more of a recommendation of a cafe/bistro of such greatness that it deserves a mention.  I live in a market town called Faversham in Kent, so when I read magazines, websites etc. I am always told to go to this place and that place in London.  Great, so I need to travel for a couple of hours to get a sandwich, I am sure it is very nice but still, that is a bit much.  So I have thought to give mentions of my favourite places to go and eat in the same vein as the usual London recommendations. So here goes.

I am starting off with The Yard in Faversham, and unlike many other 'The Yards' in the UK and beyond this one is in a yard, Jacobs Yard to be precise.  Hidden at the end of a alley this is a true gem of the food world, just past a small barbers, opticians and a very cool looking antique shop, sitting there watching you as you move closer.  As the weather has been fairly okay, they do have a couple of tables on the outside, this is it for outside, the majority of seating is inside and this is where the magic hits you.  Like all good cafes, you walk into a smell of freshly ground coffee but this isn't your normal coffee shop, oh no, this is no Costa, you enter and straight away you see the counter, with its homemade cakes and scones and they all look fantastic and a true treat, the hint of sweetness is mixed with that lovely coffee smell.

You will be seated, not because it is a formal affair but because it is a great bit of service and the fact that it can get very busy and it is not a behemoth of a place, it is small, cosy, crammed full of awesome things and has the crazy mix of furniture.  Once seated you really get to see where you are, a few small cacti are placed around on the tables, there is art all over the walls, from animal busts made from book pages to instagram photos framed all around and the best bit is you can buy them if you so wish including some large portraits of some famous people..  But it is the little extras that I love, the owner obviously at some point signed up to The Encyclopaedia Britannica as all volumes are placed around the place and they are the true old hard bound A to Z's, it is just quirky and odd but adds to this already fantastic surround.

Now too the important bit, the food and drink.  I love coffee so I am very critical of it when I order, I have had bad roasts at some and places that have burnt it so just tastes bad, so do believe me when I say that the coffee at The Yard is fantastic, and I could drink it all day if I knew it wouldn't make my heart explode eventually.  Like everything it is local, The Yard is all about local produce which is a big thing these days in the food world and more so if you in a town and once again not London that much of the food is available on your doorstep.  So when you come to the food you know you are getting local but most importantly you are getting fresh and very tasty food.

The Yard has its standard menu which is very a nice menu which is not packed, then it has specials up on boards on the walls, and the specials I have had were outstanding, especially the crab meat I had with small bits of toast and salad, served in the shell it was lovely. I know that my other half could live of the goats’ cheese salad with crispy bacon.  From salads to cream teas and open sandwiches which you can also have griddled which I do with the salami and smoked cheese.  Which comes with homemade red pepper chutney which is mouth wateringly amazing and a dressed salad, with the nicest hand cut crisps I think I have ever eaten.  This is a foodie heaven and I hate the term foodie, 

The Yard is also very trendy, another term I hate, but it is, everything is based around art and music and really draws you into the community of my not so sleepy Kentish town.  They have held a couple of events in the rear of the building that isn't usually open with live music and have had specials nights with book talks from Authors, this is definitely the place to be.  So if you find yourself in the Garden of England maybe visiting Canterbury then head fifteen minutes down the road and come and see this Historic town and go and grab yourself a bite to eat at The Yard, you won't be disappointed.