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Issue 1; Winter is Coming

by T W Coombs

With everyone talking about politics I could only really think of one thing, what to wear this winter? With the weather changing, the rain sliding in, it made me think I haven't thought about my winter wardrobe, I know it is a first world problem but many of us live in this world and have these issues to deal with.  I changed my usual summer styling this year and got rid of a lot of clothes that just weren't me, it was time to put away the rubbish, for good.  Of course this has left a huge hole in the wardrobe, so when I thought what is my new look for winter to be? My brain froze.  So I had a few thoughts and decided to share, after some research into the fashion world, what is in and is easy enough to accomplish.

Now I am one for the classic staples in a wardrobe that you can then match up differently to make a few outfits, now this is for the every-man, if you haven't noticed I am not one to massively stand out but do like to look good in my own right. So what to add so that winter can be triumphed.  Last year I bought an amazing Chesterfield style coat in a textured charcoal and this will go with anything and you can get a couple of different scarves to change it up.  But this coat is only good when that constant cold is in the air, when the air is cold but not freezing, the classic line of layers is what you want to keep of that winter chill.  The full look for me is not due yet but the office is an easy one.  Put away them light weight trousers and bring in the heavier mostly wool blend trousers, in darker colours, greens and brown mix and charcoals are good for winter and matched with some black plain Oxford or Derby shoes and a crisp white shirt is always a good way to go.  And if not too cold then a crew or small V neck jumper in black and a lighter jacket that isn't just a suit jacket to match the trousers, as this is just a suit and no thought is needed for a suit.  Just make sure it complements the rest of your clothes, my rule if you don’t feel comfortable it doesn't look right.  But this is what I plan on wearing to get through the working hours in the office.

For the weekends and nights out the best thing is to use those slim fit dark indigo or vintage styled jeans from the summer (I lived in them when not in chinos), so no need for new jeans, you can keep the same Oxfords or Derby's whatever your preference, or some brown Oxford Brogues, then match up with the same top part or instead of a jumper bring in a complementing waistcoat.  This is the way to go this winter, bring in your own patterns and colours to what suits you, be yourself but make sure you don't look like an old man, I made this mistake once and felt like I had gone out dressed like a granddad, this is what happens when you rush the look above.  So be careful.

Layering of different fabrics and styles is a big thing for some just check out @kevinberlow on Instagram he seems to have a knack for layering up.  Maybe you are not as flamboyant, I know I'm not, but this gives you an idea of what I am blabbering on about, it isn't just wearing one thing it is wearing many to get one look.

The full winter collections won't have hit the shelves yet but they are on there way so keep an eye out for them so you can get in quick before all the people that haven't thought about their wardrobe start buying everything in sight.  I am a big Next person as the ease of online is good, but if you want something in the higher range I can not speak more highly than Mr Porter.  Go and check out the website at you won’t be disappointed.