The Journal by TWC is exactly that, a Journal of a life, of sorts, a collection of articles written and curated by Thomas W Coombs esq. About topics that many of us love and enjoy. From fashion to cocktails, from travel to wine and some of the simple things in life in between, like literature, photography and film.

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Issue 4; The Humble Watch - Practical and Fashionable for a Normal Price

By T W Coombs

How many times have you been perusing your favourite magazine and they have a section on the new and must have watches and one has taken your eye, then you see the tag.  Like many I would love to own a selection of watches worth thousands of pounds a piece. A collection full of Rolex, Tag and Patek Philippe, but against popular belief freelance writers do other things to sustain the writing part so paying loads of money on watches sadly is not something easily done.

Issue 4; Sun, Sea and the Cosmo Count

By T W Coombs (photo credits to @gracecmbs)

At Dreams Resort and Spa in La Romana you have the choice of seven restaurants and 5 bars with three evening bars. So as you can imagine the heart and liver are about to take a mild kicking. But if you want to keep slightly healthier then there is a well equipped gym to burn off the overindulged night before. We never tried the gym but did look at it once.

Issue 4; Shame About The Extra Stuff - Batman V Superman

by T W Coombs

I love a film, whether epic, action or comic book fun and I am also a great fan of Batman and Superman.  So with this, I would like to go against the reviewing fraternity and say I really liked Batman V Superman but you can leave the shoe horned in extra bits, as they are pointless.