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Issue 7; The Damn In Between

By T W Coombs

We are in the glorious British Summer time which can only mean one thing it will be really hot one minute and then out of nowhere rain and the temperature drops like a bomb leaving you high and not so dry when it comes to your wardrobe.  But this does give you one excuse.

I like sun and heat as much as the next person but when the temperature drops just a little it then allows me to get out the jackets.  I am not talking cagoules here; I am talking of the blazer kind.  The summer blazer or jacket is a great thing but when the mercury gets too high you just can’t put it on as all you will do is over heat and sweat, a lot.

Here are my two favourites both from Next’s summer collection so still available as these were both new additions to the wardrobe this year.

First up is the navy unstructured blazer, which is a summer must but helpful when the temperature drops as not as thick as a jumper.  The joy of such a jacket as it can be dressed up with a crisp white or light blue shirt or worn with a any t-shirt.  Will match up with Chinos or Jeans, it is the most versatile jacket I have in my wardrobe.  The relaxed fit gets a little getting used to if like me you are used to a slim fit lined jacket.  The white lined sticking inside gives a boating feel and adds to the relaxed design.  Made from cotton this jacket is ready to go.

In contrast is this great camel coloured jacket.  This is thicker and is nicely lined but is still a summer jacket not being a heavy material keeps you cool but warmer on them cooler days and nights.  Even though this slim fitted jacket is very classic blazer the colour makes it a casual style and I have happily warn this with a high patterned T-Shirt and short before and look great dressed up or down.  The lovely blue lining makes his a must have for summer style.

Both are made to the good quality of most Next items and will last if looked after.  Both jackets are very different but work exactly the same and won’t break the bank account.

Ps.  And what about the rain? Get an umbrella.