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Issue 10; The Spring Low Down – Part One

By T W Coombs

The sun is here, the heat is rising and we are still fully wrapped up because you can never be too sure and to be honest we are only weeks away from a snow storm that shut Britain down. But I have had a word and I’m sure we can get our SS18 wardrobe out soon.

This is the first of a series of blogs on Spring fashion this year and keeping it high street and affordable and what I like and what you may also like.  I kick this off with the inevitable rain.
Being British we live most of our time in the rain, looking at rain and waiting for rain so it really is a big part of our lives, so why when it does rain we look terrible.

There are two types of rain, straight forward rain and the worst the “oh for f~*k sake I can’t even hold my brolly” windy rain. You need to cover both bases at once; the easiest is the straight forward just use a umbrella rain but when that brolly fails you need to be covered.  Of course there is more to it, this is a fashion blog after all, when it rains you need to think practical and stylish, we all know how we dress for work, the uniform so here is the out of hours, the casual.

Umbrellas are key but so are darker trousers, you don’t need those water marks and mud stains noticeable up the back of your legs now do you. So go for dark colours on bottom, a casual shirt and an awesome oversized Mac, like the below outfit from Zara available right here, and grab a black modern style umbrella to keep that hair in shape and off you go unless the wind picks up them your hair can look after itself. Chinos are key here as light weight so dry quick and keep you cool in the hopefully rising heat.