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Issue 10; The Spring Low Down - Part Two - The Camp Collar and Print Shirt

By T W Coombs

Just as a random heat wave moves on from the UK we will now be hit with rain showers mixed with some Sun and lows of 4 degrees, which is always a nightmare when it comes to sartorial ideas.  I would love to tell you all how to exactly dress but sadly you have to take the gamble of warmth or rain on a daily basis and you will find you get caught out.

Something that has moved over from last year is the camp collar with Hawaiian print, now I am not a fan of this over the top print no matter what all the big fashion houses want to say. I just think Ace Ventura, sorry but I do.

But the camp collar which are part of the Hawaiian shirt look is great and will go with a casual unstructured jacket and a mac is also a perfect companion this time of year, keeping it light weight. But even though the palm tree is in and out in my mind, you can still get some nice patterned shorts without it looking like you have just stepped off a plane and getting a Lei put round your neck in the 1970’s.

Zara has a nice little choice like this floral camp collared short sleeved shirt, it works well undone 
with a t-shirt on the cooler days and evenings but great when the sun does appear. You can also dress such a short up with a relaxed fit suit.

If you're are not into the in your face floral, then this navy shirt also from Zara is a little bit more sleek and less bright and glaring. And with both at £25.99 each, it is not a bad price and this style of short will be sticking around for a couple of years.

If you into your pink, and the pastel colours are in for Spring and rolling into Summer, for £22 Burton Menswear does this flamingo print short, which looks great with light Chino shorts but can also be put with jeans and some white tennis style shoe.  Or for another £25 this Navy floral print from Next Menswear, is subtle and will go with anything, and because of the standard slim collar it can go with a more structures jacket over Chinos or Jeans.

All the above are available on these links that will take you straight the to sections at ZaraBurton and Next.