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Issue 11; All About The Pastel - A Brief Glance at Summer

By T W Coombs

In 2017 we had Millennial pink, you remember that, a sudden burst of bright pink shades on t-shirts, shorts, shirts and I even saw then a pair of trainer not being worn by a twelve year old girl.  Come on guys, some pink items are not right on anyone above early twenties.

Thankfully this craze has passed is by and we are thankfully heading to a more 2014 style, the pastels.  Those colours with a subtle hue of colour, from blues through to the aforementioned pink, but a nice pink this time around.

In the past the pastel colours kept themselves mostly to chinos but the colours have spread out to other garments and the main selection for summer.  The reason for this as 2018 is a tale of two spectrum's.  The loud side with the Hawaiian shirt and patterned garments from beach wear to street wear all having flowers and other patterns adorning every inch, and then to go with these are the subtle light coloured garments.  We don’t want to over do the patterns, we are not all models on a double page Gucci advert in one of the many leading men's magazines.  Keep it down a bit by mixing the two.

Another great reason for the pastel being in is Wedding season has kicked off, starting with the Royal wedding today (it was as day of writing anyway) and going right through until October.  I have my first one coming next week and for the evening I am wearing blue, but not the standard navy blue three piece I adorn for many a wedding but I am going with the pictured (above) Light Blue Melange Linen blended suit in a tailored fit from Next Menswear. The material keep you cooler during those summer days where you must keep your jacket on and then refuse to take it of due to the need of a fresh shirt which you don’t have due to the heat of standing around for photos.

This suit is on point for this summer and can be worn without the jacket to just have a relaxed feel to your outfit during a holiday or a alfresco drink.  Match with some suede blue derby or some grey espadrilles and keep that summer look going.