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Issue 11; My Summer Songs - My Top Ten Summer Tracks

by T W Coombs

It is that time of year when you are chilling in gardens, heading to warmer climates to sit by some sort of body of water and enjoying long evenings relaxing.  I will be doing just that in a month's time, so I thought I would put together my Summer playlist with ten songs that will be part of my own Summer sound. I’m sure it says more about me than it should but here goes......

First up is this cheeky number from one of the best albums this year from Mr George Ezra and his track ‘Paradise’, it has festival summer all over it and is a great way to start of this musical ride.

Secondly is from the late DJ Avicii and ‘Hey Brother, there is something about this sampled electronic masterpiece which always makes me happy and is a holiday favourite for me.

Now to bring some local music to my list from home, I have picked ‘Working Class’ by Kent musician Matt Appleby off his debut EP ‘These are my Roots’, with the funky guitar playing and a little bit of rap over the top it is a smooth track.

It is not all easy going, well a little, I have loved this song before they became famous but ‘Renegades’ by X Ambassadors had to have a space in this year’s summer list.

The baseline alone should mean this track should be in every playlist known to man, ‘Figure It Out’ by Royal Blood. It is one to energise you at that morning workout or for that last drink at the bar.

This track has summer written all over it and has been my go to summer track for the last eighteen odd years.  ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless, no other words necessary.

Sticking to a dance track, I have also added ‘What About Us’ by Pink but the Cash Cash Remix, it is a lot more pop dance based.

For number 8 I have gone with River by Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran, it is a great rap track with a little extra with the guitar and vocals of Ed.  It is a strong song and it is great for listening too next to a pool.

Going retro next with AC/DC and ‘Back In Black’, a great rock song and reminds me of summer, if only you could use it as an entrance track as you entered the pool area.  I will just need to have it playing in my head when I enter the sun lounger fight.

Finally is a summer song to beat all summer songs, it just oozes summer. No not Mungo Jerry, but Will Smith and ‘Miami’, a track for the ages which is summer for me.

So go and check out this playlist on Spotify.