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Issue 11; Good Enough For a King

By T W Coombs

Okay so I am not exactly Elvis Presley, which to be honest is a good thing, firstly I am not a fan of his music, I don’t eat burgers unless I have too, plus he is dead and I really want to go a better way than a heart attack on the toilet.  But one thing he did have that was good was his Blue Suede shoes.

These lovely additions to my shoe game are from the High Street giant Next and are under £50, I know, a bargain right?  But unlike many cheaper shoes these do not scrimp on quality which I have found with many of the shoes next are offering recently across all price ranges.  

But these seemed to take a step further (pun not intended), they were comfortable from the start.  I wore them to a wedding reception and was on my feet for a few hours and my feet were fine.  No rubbing or anything, these were just perfect and they look really sharp.  The suede is of good quality and feels soft to the touch, the rubber soles give them good grip and add to the comfort.  They could easily be worn through the summer and would be great going sock less or with invisible socks depending what way you fly with the airy ankle.

As these are suede means they are the weaker leather so I did put a few layers of protector spray on them as didn’t want them getting slight rain (outside reception) or drink on them as would have basically been a write off with water marks.  But all fine now protected, not that I am going to out in a downpour in them as that would be stupid.  It is sad that they will mark up, normally as you wear them but grab a brush and show trees and they will stay fresher for longer.  Wear marks will show up quickly due to the dark navy colour. But they look great with the blue line and the red soles, and have a little red detail on the back also.

Every Man should own at least one pair of suede shoes and these would a good stable pair to add to your shoe collection and look very sharp dressed up or down.