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Issue 12; Not Just for Pandas

by T W Coombs

I live in two pairs of sunglasses, a simple square aviator style and a classic brown tortoise shell pair of Rayban styled specs.  But they have one thing in common, they are of classic design and colour.  So, when you want to brighten up your face what do you do? 

Look no further than the funky styles over at Fresh for Pandas, their selection on wooden glasses look great.  Firstly, they are made out of bamboo which draw the attention of many, due to the overrun of plastic and metal glasses on the market.  Then there is the colours and build.

I have these great blue layered pair with blue polarised lenses, they are light, comfortable and look amazing.  They add colour to your outfit and keep everything fresh and certainly away from classic, especially with the different colours on the layered wood.  They do a full range and the colours vary if not into the brighter colours, they are available to order worldwide so you can pick your currency.

They come with this great bamboo case and bamboo cleaning cloth and also a screwdriver so you can keep them tight if they do come loose.  The arms are sprung loaded for comfort and they fit great on different size heads (I let my girlfriend try them).

If you are on the market for some new sunglasses whilst the sun still shines and want something different then would certainly recommend these.  You can see the full range at Fresh For Pandas online but they also do wooden watches, beauty and jewellery in bamboo and wood.

TC x

(I have not been paid for this review and is an honest review of the item)