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Issue 12; New at Next for Autumn

 By T W Coombs

We all know that feeling when the nights start to draw in and the temperatures drop, and I for one love this time of year as I get to start layering by clothes.  Don’t get me wrong I like sunshine and warmth but I find the changing of the season and wonder.  With the fact it will start to get chilly and even though currently we are in this limbo of jacket or no jacket, jumper or no jumper dilemma I am going straight in to what is in this Autumn with the new items at Next Menswear worth getting your hands on that will see you through into Winter.

I’m going to start with the bottom layer and build outwards, and what a good way to start than the trousers, we don’t want to go anywhere without them.  Flannel is in this Autumn, What!? Don’t worry this isn’t 70’s Flannel but is great for the time of year and mixing it up with Green and Burgundy suits is certainly a great Autumn colour.  I am not a suit wearer and break mine up for different looks so I’m just recommending the trousers as pictured here is a fantastic dark green.  Now you can dress them up or down but this hard-wearing material can be done both.

Staying at the bottom end, I have a great love of boots through winter and this set are great, they can also be worn with the above trousers for a more casual look even with a full suit.  If like me you are a casual lover, then these brown apron cleat boots are a great start or to mix it up and to bring colour to your life try these great blue chukka boots, they will ooze a man who loves comfort and style.  To dress up a bit more if you are not a man or casual attire then these high shine toe capped mid boots are for you and keeping them polished will make them last.

Now for your upper body, as I bang on about enough, I love a layer.  So, the most obvious is the jumper, this textured light grey one is just perfect and looks great with a plain white crew underneath.  When the temperature drops you can also go with a long sleeve crew for that extra warmth.

This Autumn and Winter you have two options in for the season, the Parker and yes, the fur is back, not a lover myself but the fashion world likes to peacock currently and this is the seasons one.  Good for those brisker days. If this oversized fluff trimmed wonder is not for you then you are better off with the safer option of the Quilted Jacket.  You don’t have to climb a mounting to wear it like pictured but if you are that way inclined then go for it.

So that is it, a few options for your Autumn wardrobe that your warm body will thank you for in the Winter months also until we say hello to the sunshine again.