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Issue 13; I Love My Hat

by T W Coombs esq.

Firstly I suppose I should start with the normal Happy New Year as it is the first I hope of many posts in 2019.

Now as it is January I can guarantee that the weather is about to get very cold in the next two months, as it snowed last February this is pretty much a given.  Before the thick woolly hats come out you need a hat slightly less thick but that will keep some heat in.  And the old style baker boy hat is in.

I got mine from John Lewis is the sale for £16, down from £32 so go now if you want one, it was a great find and to be honest the only one across the sales so far (clothing anyway).  It has a nice lining and a good solid cloth on the outside and is lightweight which I love as did think it would really heavy due to the style it is.  I guess the cheaper price as some go for around the £80 mark, but it doesn't look or feel cheap.

It fits the head nicely but do make sure it holds as I can see a few flying off, especially as it is a lighter material.

I used it on a walk out and about in the countryside close to where I live with my lovely other half Grace and it kept me cosy on a mild day.  I have yet to try it in rain but the inner lining as a waterproof feel, but it is a type of flat cap at the end of the day so brolly on standby.

This is hugely in style this season and I don't think will go away for sometime so if you are looking for a hat then this one would be great, but if you want it at sale prices, jump in quick.