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Issue 14; Private Accord The Scent by Hugo Boss

By T W Coombs esq.

It is not often that I change up my smells, I very much have found what I like and stick with them, a man stuck in his ways and frowns upon change.  But every now and again something comes along that is just good enough to add to the shelf.

This happened with Private Accord by Hugo Boss from their new The Scent range, I got a sample a little while back via Esquire Magazine in the UK and really liked it.  So Valentine's just gone my other half got me a bottle (which wasn’t as easy at it should have been) and I am glad she did.

It is a true winter smell, with ginger and chocolate within the scent range along with a weird fruit known as a maninka, which is apparently an aphrodisiac, this is not the reason I wanted it, but maybe why Grace liked it on me and bought some.

It sits well with my other range of perfumes, with 007 James Bond, my other winter scent, which is more wooden and spiced but subtle enough, but this one from Hugo Boss is sweet and really lingers around all day.

A great addition to the Hugo Boss range and worth a wear, but give it spray and a sniff before hand as scents smell different on everyone.