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Issue 14; #WTFF Part I, Walking Safety Coat

by T W Coombs esq.

Welcome to first of, I hope, many instalments in the #WTFF series, a delve in the more odd things that the fashion industry throw at us.  If you like fashion or even just slightly interested then you may occasionally stumble upon the craziness that is the fashion world. I mean who leaves their entire fortune to a cat outside of the world of TV, really, who?

If you follow my Instagram and stories then you may remember this delight, if you don’t then you are no friend of mine and should go hast and follow me.  If I like you, I might even follow you back, I know, you lucky thing. I do wonder where these ideas come from. Now the post actually came from Teo
Van DenBroeke (go give him a follow also if you like) who is the style Director of GQ in the UK, you probably know this but just wanted to spread my knowledge.  

Anyway, this puffer jacket of the future is from Moncler, they make normal puffer style jackets also.  Now I do wonder what drugs the designer was on at the time, or maybe he was just holding that air packaging you get in boxes to keep fragile things in one piece, the more upscale bubble wrap.  Or they were wearing their trusty Moncler gilet or standard jacket and thought, what if this covered everything.

It could be a great safety feature, you could throw yourself about all over the place and not worry about it, or snuggle down on the side of Everest then just get up in the morning and just walk without all that pesky packing your gear up.  Survival gear maybe?

Apart from looking ridiculous and not practical in anyway it makes you stick out even more by being bright orange, and how do you pee in it.  I think all these are very valid points. Where you wear it? Really? Just into the enclosure for the bears at London Zoo. We use similar outfits to train police and army dog units, so you could do so much with it, except maybe go for a cocktail in Shoreditch in the snow.  You just wouldn’t fit in, meaning, through the door or in a room, as you struggle to put your arms down and saying excuse me, a lot.

Also available for women.........

Thanks for reading, comment down below and if you want to know what #WTFF means, I think you can work it out.