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Issue 14; Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair

By T W Coombs esq.

I got a free sample of this cream or serum more like to try out and with thousands of different types of lotions that do so much, I thought I would give it go.  Sadly this one is not for me. Let me explain.....

To use is quite simple, you put a small amount on your skin before you moisturise, a few drops, as per instructed, which really doesn’t stretch far on the skin.  It is supposed to repair over night and makes your skin feel fresher and more youthful (not that I look that I old, I hope). I am one not to just use something once and then run off to write a blog, I stuck with it for a couple of weeks, eventually stopping because of the way I reacted to it.  Not in a bad way as such, but it made my skin more greasy and more prone to the dreaded spots.

I have quite clear skin most of the time and I do get the occasional facial outbreak but this was constant like being back in secondary school (high school).  Firstly I just thought it was my diet but I had only had a couple of bad days of food and drink (boozy and fatty if your wondering). But after the two weeks of truthfully not feeling any difference in my skin except the extra spots a daily occurrence I stopped using it.

From then, and I mean within days of going back to my normal routine, the same minus this lotion my skin returned to its normal state.

Now even though it obviously wasn’t right for my skin, I didn’t notice any difference in the feel to the overall effect it is supposed to have.  Skin creams of all kinds work differently on different people I know this so not going against science in the cosmetic world. But does show that just because it is expensive and from a large name that it must be the elixir of life, this for one wasn’t. I believe a lot of what we use we just carry on using because so think what if I stop using and it was doing something. I think I will stick to my simple grooming routine which I will divulge another time.

Thanks for reading.


I do like to keep all my reviews truthful, so nice to post a bad one now and again even though a shame, but not everything can be great and awesome.