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Issue 15; #WTFF Part II, Serial Killer Chic

by T W Coombs esq.

In my March look into the #WTFF series we carry on with the complete random things that fashion throws at us average people on the street, this obscure serial killer chic is in.

Not sure what to wear, sitting around the house staring at a dripping tap, next doors baby crying so loudly you can’t think.  Worry no longer just put on your new height of fashion suit, pop out with a knife and kill everyone in site in increasingly imaginative ways.  Yes you can now look amazing on the town in your overpriced boiler suit.  Yes that lovely sartorial giant, Mike Myers from well known fashion documentary series Halloween is now on the high street.

What the matter is people? It makes no sense, they are for painting, gardening, restoring that vintage car or killing people in a mask with a large knife.  I might even stretch to prisoner but for heading out a drink with my mates? Erm, forget it, never going to happen.

The one pictured hitting the bank of £490 is made of wool is currently available on Mr Porter, it is not their fault,  under “Engineered garments”.  Personally more “garments for engineering” rather than the other way.  Fashionable? Of course not, in no way you tailor it, it is still a boxy boiler suit.  Just because it has the word suit in doesn’t mean you can wear it to work, unless of course you are a plumber or one of the many places you can wear one, for work.

Sometimes I believe the fashion world is just running out of things to shock the world so they are just picking any old thing.  Then making it out of expensive materials and putting them on cat walks so people who are happy to lay down 500 quid on one item for a season, will rush out to buy them.

They may have pushed it a bit with this, why not go with a distressed look, with oil stains? No, not that, we will crop them so you can wear black boots laced up high and they will swing around above.

Sure the wearers will look lovely, just don’t skulk around in the shadows someone may just attack first thinking you will only be seen again standing above their bed when they turn the lights off if they run away.

But if you want to buy these delights, then go to Mr Porter.