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Issue 16; Tick, A Summer Night, A Short Story

Tick, A Summer Night - A Short Story Written by T W Coombs esq.

Tick follows Tock, follows Tick, follows tick, then another tick, then the occasional tock.

Shit, I think, my watch is broken the noises are wrong. It must be, how do I know what the time is. God it is warm


Maybe shifting in bed, smacking my head against the pillow a few times will make me relax and cool the air around me.  Yes, that is what I need to do, relax, if I get comfortable, of course that may be harder then it seems. And relax......minutes, this as been minutes, relax! Chance would be bloody fine thing, left side, right side! Arrgghh!

I get up, plod to the bathroom.  Maybe a shower will help, cool me off.  I run the shower and get in, the warm water fills amazing on my boiling skin.  God it is warm.

Can you sleep in the shower? Don’t be silly, brain behave yourself, you are tired and overheated.  Getting a headache, I’m melting, my brain is going to stop if it gets too hot, my body will overheat and I will die.

Midnight, plus more ticks and tocks.

Now what? Do I dare look at the my watch, as of now it is still midnight, not any other time, it stands still in the sweltering heat of the house.  Okay, I will. Damn it.

Two AM.

That was a fast two hours.  God, I am never sleeping, I’ll move to her side, that’ll be more comfortable and....Lovely and cool, amazing, like water in a desert. The feeling swarms my body, fridge temperatures.

Until....God it is Warm.

Four AM.

Why am I awake, what happened, have I slept? I feel like shit.  Where the hell am I? Oh yeah, I got on her side. God it is cold.  Freezing. I wrap up.

Four minutes past four.

God it is Warm.

I’ll just get up, slippers on, dressing gown, I trudge down the stairs.

Hot down here too, what next.


The End