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Issue 18; Colour in My Life, Arlen Terry Sweater

by T W Coombs esq.

Orange, not a colour I normally associate with my clothes, I own a lot of black, white and navy across all forms of clothing.  And even the variants are still with these shades, except one light brown jacket.

So what pulled me towards this very 90’s style sweater from Arlen I am not quite sure.  The burnt orange delight looks great and using I put together the outfit in the liked section to see what needed to go with it.  But even on its own looks great and certainly brightens your look. It is a casual jumper one for off duty style or street wear, it is oversized in the arms and has a boxy fit but the retro feel I get from it doesn’t make it look ill fitting.

Bright colours are always something that goes right or really wrong so be careful.  Thankfully gone are the days when a friend would have shouted “have you been Tangoed” at me at great length due to wearing orange.  Only stopping him by a swift kick to the shin when I had reached my limit. So now we can all wear colour happily, if you still have this friend then tell them to grow up or get them out of your life, it is easier.

The texture on this jumper is great, it is thick without being thick material and worn happily on a mild June day.  It is all made from hard wearing cotton terry style and will last, it already has a retro feel but I think the style will stick around.