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Issue 18; Lets Talk Specs, Product Review

by T W Coombs esq.

Over the last few weeks I have had a great influx of sunglasses and glasses sent to me to try out and write about.  Firstly thanks for the products. I was Gifted these for review, but have not been paid for a good opinion.

Thankfully though I can report good things, we will start with this great pair of sunglasses from 5th & Baldwin.  They currently have a free promotion where you just pay for polarised lenses and delivery, so you can get a decent pair of sunglasses for about £15, all prices by them are in dollars, but normally are nearer £40 before delivery and extras.  The style I have are polarised which is a must in all my sunglasses, these are a rounded classic shape with mirrored front on the lens. They are light weight and really keep the sun at bay without making everything too dark. For the price you can’t go wrong, but not sure I would pay nearer £50 for them though, so get in now.

You hear a lot recently about the blue light filter glasses, now they make you feel like they are helping your eyes, but so far no actual proof they will protect your eyes, but the less bright light the better for me.  After long days on computers and screens I sometimes find the TV just gives me a headache, but since using these from ZenLight really do just let me relax my eyes and aid in getting tired and are available on Amazon at a meagre £13.99.  They have a geeky large black frame which I love and are really comfortable, not as light as other styles but they are big and chunky. They hold a fashion statement. They can be used at all times but please take note that blue light is good for you naturally and keeps you more awake during the day, you get it from the sun and general daylight and helps you so don’t block it out all the time like many adverts tell you.

Finally I have a pair of funky frames from GQueen, the clear frames are perfect, they are available with a clear lens only but like with all frames you can do what you want with them once you have them.  They are also oversized but fit my face shape fine, and cost near to nothing with current price under £10 on Amazon. They are perfect for me and I love the frame as my day to day glasses. It adds a bit of eccentricity to my style and I think the older I get the more not so mainstream I want my style to look.  They are lightweight and look great.

All of the glasses come with cases and cloths.  I would recommend them all if you are in the market for some new specs, whether sunglasses or even just for a cheap quick accessory for you to pull off a new look or up the game on your current style, or want to add a prescription.