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Issue 38: Tonight's Opening

If you have the pleasure of following me on the social delight called Instagram you will see I enjoy posting the bottles I open under the heading of Tonight's Opening so here is the first instalment, with a selection from the last couple of months

Starting with a favourite of mine, a fair few bottles have been opened over the last five years.  The 2017 Cloof Pinotage from Darling in South Africa.  Darling is a region that sits out the way, a vast countryside area and a place that looks so beautiful.  It certainly does look like it is a region made to make wine.  It is a ruby colour without being too dense, it pours nicely and gives off oak and chocolate within the glass.  It is a well rounded wine heading towards the more dry end of the spectrum, is it smooth rather than heavy on the tannins with a subtle dark fruit flavour coming through but just about enough.  For a young wine it is perfect to drink now but many believe it will improve with age, alas I do not have any more holding cellar room so it never lasts long on the rack.

There is something about the Good Ordinary Claret from Berry Brothers & Rudd that always has me making sure I have a couple of bottles on the rack.  The price is certainly one of them for sure but the quality is what keeps me coming back for more.  The self described Moreish wine is full of Bramble Fruit and I can vouch it certainly is a little sharp tart of a wine.  And I could drink it all day everyday if I had to, even though my liver would give up but if lockdown goes on much longer my drinking habits may hit this point.  It really is a nice bottle of wine and the quality has not been broken in the many bottles I have opened of this.

This wine was a complete wildcard during a virtual cheese and wine tasting night we had with friends over the dreaded Zoom.  This Cabernet Sauvignon is from California where the grape is King and is an amazing all rounder, available at a good price.  It is called Showdown ‘The Man With The Ax’ which the label has in spades.  The wine is full of ripe blackcurrant, with a long and fruity finish, like licking a purple opal fruit.  It was recommended to go with cheese by a stores sommelier and we were not disappointed.  You could just sit down and share a bottle (with yourself) or have with so many types of food.  It certainly is a versatile wine, so relax and enjoy its not so over powering but
cosy taste.

Due to the time of year these wines were drank we are going onto another red, from Chilean Winery Millaman and their 2017 Carmenere.  This is a top full bodied bottle of wonder for such a young wine. 
What adds such a sweet and spicy taste is the fact it is aged for twelve months in French Oak, bringing it to a full on intense red colour.  With soft ripe tannins and a round long finish it really is a beautiful wine.  It is one to be paired with steak or a rich meat dish.  It is a bottle I would go back to.

That is it for this issues delve into my wine drinking habits. Drink Responsibly, so always make sure you Drink Well.