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Issue 40; A Glass on the Square

Some readers who may have had the pleasure of my company know there is one joy that masters above all others.  Having a glass of wine on a hot day sat looking at the world going by on a square.

It is calming time, one for reflection as you quaff a light Chablis or delve into Rose territory, the light colours reflecting through the glass as the sun hits it, casting a swirling shadow.  Cigar perched before you ready to light as you sit back and relax, in chino donned crossed legs and open necked shirt, cuffed and hat sat nicely on the head, Cubitt sunglasses keeping your eyes relaxed.  It is a feeling as well as a painted picture.

To sit on the square, watching people run around with their busy lives, or to see them stroll enjoying their time, the slow promenading walk of younger people wanting to be seen in the sunshine.  I hope they know they have been seen by me, sitting at my table in the square with my wine poised at my lips letting the joy wash over me at my favourite place.  I will always find a place I can do this, from Barcelona to Venice to my hometown, I can never be happier when this is an option of a day off, or an hour at lunch to take in the world before it all begins again.

It is a simple thing but one that is made for us to relax, don’t rush, savour the moment. And if you need me? You know where to find me.