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Issue 40; Cubitts, They Are Not Square

Summer is here, fully here, we are basking in the Sun and getting a good Sun Burn (using language from Ian Fleming) plus I do not Tan in the modern sense so it is a better term.  Chinos have become a weekend staple along with boat shoes and my standard oxford shirts, just with an extra button undone and cuffed sleeves.

I do, on occasion, wear a short sleeve shirt but I do not own many, maybe something I will look at in the future.  I also very rarely wear shorts in the UK, more often found wearing cuffed chinos and suede trainers with a t-shirt during the day, depending on what is going on around me.  Shorts get kept for exceptionally hot days, holidays and the gym, obviously.

One thing which is a must are sunglasses.  I own so many pairs and over the last few years have been given discounts and free pairs to wear, all of which I like, some more than others but they serve a purpose plus they have to look good.  Hundreds of styles of sunglasses exist and I have owned most of them, sadly taking the realisation that aviators do not suit me and sports sunglasses may suit me but do not go with a suit.  This is why I have had so many pairs.  But something has changed over the last year, I gave up fast fashion, found my style, something all gentlemen need to be aware of.  With this I knew none of the sunglasses I had were really classic and simple but statement enough for what I want to wear.  And if I can get something not made in China I would be on to a winner.

This brought me to English made Cubitts, of which I had never heard of but had started popping up on Instagram and some of the print media I read.  Once they appeared I couldn’t stop seeing them, from reading glasses to the sunglasses range, Mr Porter told me I needed some along with adverts all over the place.  Maybe it was time to take a look.

I am so glad I did and I have certainly upgraded from the ten pound pair I was wearing to these delights.  Handmade Acetate tortoise shell frames with light brown lenses.  The shape is classic and they fit like day to day glasses. This is the Western range and they are a true classic, and if price is a worry they are cheaper then the mass produced Ray Bans I was looking at and you can take them to one of their stores for repairs which can be done with them as they make them.

As I sit back with a perfectly mixed Tom Collins thinking about the day of reading and burning ahead, just hit the link and check out Cubitts, I’ll be back for some glasses soon.