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Issue 40; I'll Have A Large

What is a Magnum? If you want the simple answer, I can tell you it is one and a half litres of wine, or two standard bottles.  But this is not about science or math, it is about presence, it is about the look and why I see them as the future of all parties.

Some of the feeling the Magnum gives you as you are producing the giant bottle of wine to your people, in a gentleman's term, is a look of prowess, the owner of the larger bottle, the school boy “mine is bigger than yours” masculinity.  If you use the Magnum as a way of showing off then maybe you should head back to your cave, take your club as you leave.  The desire of the Magnum is two fold, new wines can be stocked up easily and more magnums come in the first batches so get them early and hang on to them for when they get to their height and optimum drinking time, but also when hosting it is a great way of not having the leave to open or discuss another wine.

I love to talk about wine but not everyone does, so once the large bottle is open you are done, at least for the time it takes to drink but you need some math on the bottle person ratio, a thing any good host must possess.  But how easy it is to just open a couple of Magnum bottles compared to depleting your wine stocks as the fourth bottle you may have been holding onto is now required, especially if your ratio has gone to pot.

I have been turned to the world of the Magnum and will have a couple on hand at all times in case caught out by a visitor who would like a wine.  If you are like me you know there is no such thing as one glass, so I can save my other wines which I am saving for me only.  Or certain friends.  If you are still unsure, then just open your arms wide and embrace the Magnum.