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Issue 39; Editorial, 23rd April 2021

We have all began, in the UK anyway, to step out of our homely caves and start to delicately
re-join society one outside drink at a time. Meeting up with friends and family we have not been able to see in any social way for nearly a year.  It is daunting and has a little bit of danger to it.  That anxious wide eyed face arms thrown up to shield our delicate eyes from the glaring Sun.  Gone is the square box of Netflix and once again that one-eighty vision can see all around us and not just those same walls.

It maybe a bit overwhelming for some and this I say step lightly, do not burn out or move to far away from that comfort zone, and follow the rules or we will all be back in our boxes before you can say New Strain. I have already ventured out and will do again soon, slowly and safely.

To help in this issue, I have a few simple delights for your reading pleasure, so get a coffee or mix a cocktail and relax.  We keep indoors with interiors, a look at drinking, some music, and more drink because we are all borderline these days, plus we need to prepare ourselves for all occasions.