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Issue 39; It's All About The Wooden Duck

It is nearly always about a wooden duck, that piece of random home décor that starts things off.  Okay it may not be a wooden duck, but that vase, set of dried flowers, a large coffee table book.  The list could just go on, but it spurs that desire in you for the way your place looks.

Since my wooden duck purchase I now have a thing about interiors, well, lately it has become more for interiors I will never be able to afford.  I still have this dream that I will someday end up living in a place similar to Alexander Kraft, along with a Bentley would be good, well I will at least strive for an aesthetic if not the actual places and car.  Yes I agree I may be living in a slight fantasy but I think at the moment we are allowed.

This brings me back to said wooden duck, of which I have two, Bat Duck and Super Duck, that sit in my living room.  They are not expensive or a luxury item, but as you can spend thousands of pounds for very similar items made by designers, I am keeping them in their place. They oddly go really nicely with the mix of old world wood and plain walls with loud blasts of colour that my place has.  And this is what interiors are about in general, but I have fallen into staring longingly at other interiors a world away.

My current obsession is perusing the properties on Knight Frank’s Instagram, occasionally looking a bit at a place on their website.  An obvious observation is that I am not and will never likely be a customer, I am the voyeur of this life only, and I feel Instagram stalking these places is better than becoming a peeping tom over high walls to get a glimpse of the luxury pad, or scaling the skyscraper for that penthouse view.  The properties on offer are spread across the most luxurious places on the globe and come with everything ready to go.  If you have a spare four million or more in the bank that is.  This is currently out of my reach in such a manner that it will never be something I have.

As Spring is here and summer is closing in I have started thinking of ideas, from the bathroom to the lounge, thinking of ways to up the
décor, not sure I could pull off Marble like Mr Kraft but maybe just a little extra or change of colour, like adding an orange tree in the living room, something I saw recently on a New Yorkers apartment renovation.  Or maybe I sell everything I have and buy a room in the current Châteaux in Cote D’azur France which is on the market?  The new owners may not even realise I am there.  Whatever the decisions if any are made I will need to get past the fiancé first, but I'm sure if we have a spare eight million the below is up for sale in Sloane Square.