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Issue 39; Its A Tail Of Konik's

Konik's Tail is a journey in itself, from the initial thoughts of the drink to the liquid going in a bottle, the journey was very much a tale of ups and downs for creator Pleurat but I find it is a journey of taste for the drinker.

I need to firstly get something out the way, normally I am a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred kind of guy.  Not because I am a pretentious fop who is custom to swanning about my kitchen in a tux, nor am I an international spy (which I couldn’t tell you anyway even if I was). I do however find it more refreshing and enjoyable for me.  I can feel the tuts and expletives now from the hardened Martini crowd and sorry to Pleurat I have read the distaste of the action, his I understand, it is his life's work, for this I am sorry, but it will not stop me doing it.

Saying this, I did however, for my first taste of Konik’s Tail Vodka, go straight from freezer to glass like any self respecting Polish man.  It is the only way to try a spirit, in its purest form.  And oh my, does this have a kick.  Once my rather uninitiated taste buds got over the shock, like diving into a pool, if said pool was in the South Pole, I could really get that grain on the palette.  With Golden Rye, Early Winter Wheat and the main highlighted Spelt Grain which goes into making this Vodka you really get those flavours coming through in this powerful and interesting vodka.

I had to follow up with a straight Vodka Martini, which I will say nearly killed me, and no I didn’t choke on the peel, and partially yes, normally I shake rather than pour but I was also used to one Vodka in my Martinis.  So this really punched my thoughts into overdrive and it added some serious flavour to what can be a very lemony affair.  To finish my taste test and because if I didn’t water it down a bit I may have fallen off my kitchen barstool, I had a shaken Vodka Martini, it added the freshness I like but this was just delightful, little vodka kicks in all the right places.  One thing is for certain, Pleurat has a new customer.

It is available at various places but I use Master of Malt for many spirits.