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Issue 39; Thursday Drinking

I am sure like myself you have found yourself quaffing a little more than you once did.  With the removal of the daily commute that lunchtime Martini or evening bottle of wine looks a lot more appealing without that five am wakeup call to get into the city. 

In my own history weekday drinking was a normal occurrence, not because I was an ad executive in 1950’s New York but because I worked in the hospitality industry for many years.  The day that always stuck out like a waving twenty pound note on the proverbial bar of life was a Thursday, which apart from being known as a student night was also my regular day off.

Times have thankfully changed from back then, gone are the viscous shots of some luminescent sugar monstrosity followed by a chemical induced fizzed up lager or some pop which had some alcohol in it and yet the sugar had more of an effect on you than the perceived alcohol. I am certainly one to believe that taste is part education and part instinct, both improving over time, you will very rarely find an early twenty something with actual thoughts on taste.  With this in mind though, one thing has crept back into my routine, Thursday drinking.  Before the world stood still I was only a weekend drinker, very rarely did an imbued beverage pass my lips before a Friday, but currently in our very much stagnated situation known as current, I can only think why the hell not.

Now when Thursday rolls round I can now be found with a Martini, Negroni or an Old Fashioned in hand, closely followed by a wine, probably French, but maybe a lean to Italian or Spanish.