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Issue 42; Editorial, 29th October 2021

I recently found myself walking through Burlington Arcade, what a gorgeous piece of architecture and overall luxury all held in a small enclosed area of shops.  Each side is lined with some amazing items that only dreams can buy for many.  When I said “found myself”, I knowingly guided us to the arcade, then did the “oh we are here” in that unknowing tone, which did not fall my following other half.

It was decorated for the release of ‘No Time To Die’ the final James Bond for Daniel Craig, with cogs and a mirrored James bond style tunnel, the sides lined with women and men taking pictures for their Instagram or other social postings.  The modern mixed with the classical emotion this place brings.  I just wish it was longer.

Like the stores in the Burlington Arcade I have produced a mixed bag of articles from the recent vault of words.  I discuss games, days of the year, a certain problem I have and a feeling of delight. I hope you enjoy this issue and please send any feedback to the email on the about or contact through Instagram.

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