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Issue 43; It is not all Bordeaux

I have written about my new found love of Bordeaux wines in various articles over the last year, after quite some time in the new world and shunning the merlot mix from the area. I did became slightly obsessed with the French region and the top wines it produces, this of course is not a bad thing.  But sometimes you have to take a step back and take in the view from elsewhere, and I did with a grape only trip to the USA.

America from north to south does produce some great wines, but this was the USA only and what a find.  California as you may know produces a large volume of wine, of all types, some are better than others but they do produce a high quality of fruit.  One such quality producer unexpectedly entered my world in the form of a gift.  A case of a 2018 Zinfandel was lovingly gifted by a friend to my wife and I in celebration of our wedding, who needs a toaster.  We had enjoyed a bottle before, on one afternoon during the summer and this was noticed.  I have memories of some awful wines being Zinfandel, so to try this delight was great and to have a case is even better when you find something you like that much.

The wine is the 2018 Joel Gott Zinfandel, it is bursting with red fruits with just a little hint of spice, the tannins were fresh and is on the sweeter side of my usual palate.  It has a heavy ruby colour and you can smell those fruits before you get near it, just what you want in a top wine.  The winery is a family business and is predominantly run by a husband and wife team Joel and Sarah, who have lived in the world of wine for some time.  Their grapes are acquired from all over, from California, Oregon and Washington, picking the top fruit from those areas.  They make a good selection of styles but for me this Zinfandel was a great find.  And if I can battle my way through the nightmare of UK customs I think a couple of cases may find there way to me next year.